Employee Data Shows Monday is Bad For Your Health

Being an HR management platform, Sleekr does many things to help you run your organization better, and leave management is one of our helpful features. As a result, we’ve collected interesting information on employee leave trends.
  1. Beware of Your Employee’s Health on Monday

    About 5,000 employees took a total of 4,868 days of leave over the course of a year, and out of that, 953 (19.6%) were sick days. We decided to take a closer look at those sick days, and we found an interesting trend. It looks like Mondays are terrible for your health, with a huge spike in sick leave requests. 26.8% of sick leave requested are on Monday! Fortunately, a lot of employees seem to recover by Tuesday…

    monday, sick leave, employee sick

    employees tend to be sick on monday

    Monday. employee, sick leave

    almost 30% sick employees take sick leave on Monday

    There are limitations to our data though, so take it with a grain of salt! Sleekr respects your privacy, so we cannot see individual employee information or leave data. We also cannot see the breakdown per company, and can only see the data as a whole. Sleekr also allows companies to customize what type of leave employees can take, so not every company has an option for sick leave, as some do not require formal sick leave requests.
  2. While looking at this data, we also found something interesting about dying relatives…

    monday, grief leave, employee data

    grief leave is taken mostly on Monday also

    While only 11 days were requested for the death of a family member over a year, 4 of those days fall on a Monday. Another 3 falls on Fridays. The data size is still too small to make any definite conclusions, but so far it looks like Mondays and Fridays are terrible times for loved ones. Make sure you keep watch over grandma on those days just in case!
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